Jindřich Pevný

Wonderfull beings.

If early morning or rather at the end of the sleepless night, you go out to the garden or you just open the window of your flat, you can see a flock of winged white horses, flying over the horizon from a huge distance somewhere to farther. Nobody knows where, because nobody knows their ways and nobody knows the places of their rest…

But if sleep found you yesterday too soon or the window was opened too late, you probably won’t see a flock of flying Pegasuses today. They are already at other places where the night just is ending and sleepy painter just putting away his brush and looking up through the opened window.

But don’t be sad. Still, even in this late time, if you watch attentively, you can see lots of the most wonderful beings…

Jindřich Pevný

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SELECTION 1998 – 2016

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